Les effets avec le séquenceur de Blender

How to achieve special effects with Blender's sequence editor

By Serialsiner
Feb 15 2005

Hi, in this tutorial we're gonna learn how to achieve a disappearance with cool particle effects, as in special effects movies !

Part 1: preproduction

First of all, we need some live footage to import into the sequence editor ; I took a webcam and I shot a short sequence with 2 young actors as you can see in the small animation below :

La séquence initiale

Then, I shot the empty set without moving the webcam (very important detail) to achieve the vanishing effect of the little boy.

Part 2: postproduction

Now we're gonna import the footage into Blender's sequence editor. First, we have to split the screen in two halves and to select the editor on each window :
In one of them, click on to be able to vizualise your sequences.

Now you should see that :

click to enlarge

To import your footage, click on Add =>Movie, and search it into your directories then hit Select Movie in the upper right coner of the window.

importer une séquence dans le séquenceur                

Put your sequence on frame 1 on the far left end of the window. Now, if you move the frame cursor (green line) onto your sequence, you will see the result in the vizualisation window :

click to enlarge

Now it's time to have the little boy disappeared : for that goal, we need the empty shot that we're gonna move few frames forward to the point where Hermione uses her magical wand : let's append the sequence as seen earlier, to frame 40.

To achieve the effect, we have to download the splitb1 plugin. This plugin will vertically split both sequences in 2 halves so we can keep Hermione on one side till the end of the sequence, and from frame 40, the empty set of the second sequence will hide the little boy, giving the illusion he has diseappered.
Now select both sequences (hold Shift + RMB) and add the plugin.

Place it over both sequences, then select it and hit Nkey to access the control sliders.
The Offset slider lets you move the vertical seam, put every other one to zero.

Don't forget to hit Do Sequence in the Scene panel (F10) to be able to see the plugin work

On the picture below, I let the seam slightly visible (black line) for you to see the dividing line:

click to enlarge

It's time to render the vanishing animation but first we have to choose an output directory and a name for the animation in the Scene panel (F10) :

Le répertoire où sera sauvegardée l'animation appelée disparition

Don't forget to select the output format for the animation, I'm using avi raw as it is a lossless one :

Now we can erase our 2 sequences and the plugin, then we append the new rendered sequence.

Let's go into the 3D window and add a subdivided plane. Give it the shape of the little boy and add a particle effect to it. You can see the settings on the picture below. To have the particles go down I used a negative Z force, and for the sparkle look, I toggled the vector button:

click to enlarge

Now let's add a second emitor for the smoke effect, we'll apply a positive Z force to the particles for the smoke to go upwards :

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Now let's go back to the sequence editor where we imported the vanishing sequence, and let's append our particles scene. Select both sequence and scene (hold Shift + RMB) and add the Add effect.
Moving the scene on the right frame, we can decide with precision when the particle effect will begin. I choosed to start it a few frames before the desappearance of the little boy.
In the same way, we can precisely fit the child's shape going back and forth the 3D window, and editing the emitor plane's vertices.

click to enlarge

You just have to render the animation till the end of the vanishing sequence, and you can admire the result !

See the final animation by clicking on the links below :
divx 5.21 (1.1Mo)
xvid (417 ko)